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We provide skill building training to our future leaders, thus helping equip them to become a success with their studies and/or eventually with their chosen career.


The skills include confidence building, public speaking, career guidance, CV guidance (CV and interview tips), success tips, leadership and of course diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging.

Access to Diverse and Future Leadership Talent

We work with our partners to increase the applications, opportunities and development of diverse young people in entry-level roles. Despite decades of running diversity and inclusion programmes, there is still not a low representation of diversity across all levels within organisations. 

There is an opportunity for organisations to hear directly from young people about the obstacles they face and their recommendations for increasing access to enable young diverse talent to fulfil their potential.  

Our work also includes partnerships with various organisations and communities where we provide access to diverse future talent from various schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

We have been able to make introductions for our scholarship winners and mentees on to our tailored mentoring programme. This has been the case with some of the biggest and best global organisations and smaller community organisations where our future leaders have been able to get an interview and/or successfully start their careers. 

We help to provide a solution when an organisation or someone cannot find diverse talent.

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