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Young Women with Backpacks


Mentoring Only Scholarship Winner 2020/21

The mentoring session with Miranda was very insightful.
She gave pragmatic advice about how to improve my CV based on her expertise, as well as practical steps to prepare for the working world after university. I am thankful that Miranda took the time to analyse my CV in-depth, alongside encouraging me throughout the session. I now feel more confident to excel as a student outside of the university setting.

Danial Naqvi,
Scholarship Winner

I was fortunate enough to win the Multi-Sector award in 2018, and since feel part of a truly inspiring and loving family. I've spoken at the Foundation award ceremony, and project managed the summer party at Speaker's House in UK Parliament. My work experience was with Lambeth Council and my mentor gave me great support.

 Imani Jeffers
University of Cambridge Graduate
Scholarship Winner 2020/21

To have such direct, one-to-one direct access to someone with such incredible expertise, a stunning repertoire and a stellar track record for success is an honour and a privilege for which I will ever be grateful. To anyone thinking of applying, this is a priceless opportunity.

Master's degree student at University of Oxford 
Mentoring Only Scholarship Winner 2020/21

The session was thoroughly empowering and beyond anything I imagined was possible within a 60-minute session - thank you!

When I received the news that I was chosen to have

my mentoring session with Dr Miranda,

I knew I was one of the very lucky individuals chosen for this and had to make the most of the mentoring session.

As soon as Dr Miranda introduced herself, I felt very comfortable
talking to her and sharing my career goals with her.

The conversation was extremely empowering and
confidence-boosting, with Dr Miranda using terms like "leader" to demonstrate my achievements. Dr Miranda highlighted key aspects of my CV, including my previous studies and employment experiences, discussing where my skills and expertise lie. She was interested in finding out my motivations behind my employment and voluntary positions, whilst also encouraging and helping me envision a plan for my future ventures.

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Mentoring Only Scholarship
Winner 2020/21

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been invaluable towards my career path in artificial intelligence in medicine and surgery. TMBDLF provided a 1-to-1 mentoring session with my mentor who is a doctor and has guided me further in my specific field of interest through his vast network and diverse medical experience in the UK and Ghana. It is rare to be able to have in-depth conversations with professionals in demanding fields such as medicine. Therefore, I am excited to see the outcome of my mentor-mentee relationship. 

Thank-you TMBDLF!

Mentoring Only Scholarship
Winner 2020/21

It was an extremely rewarding experience, being able to talk about my goals and my career options in such a safe space, and in a way that felt big and exciting. I felt as if I could truly aim for the biggest or wildest ideas that I had and for those to be met with encouragement was so important and valuable to me. My mentor listened and offered really thoughtful and supportive advice regarding my mentoring objectives linked to finances and confidence building. I was taking a lot of notes. My mentoring only scholarship award was so helpful and definitely widened my perspective on the working world and how to manifest and envision a career path that I am completely in control of. I was put in touch with someone from the Fashion and Creative industry through my mentor, which I am super excited and grateful for as networking within the fashion industry was one  objective I also wanted to address within my mentoring session. Thank you x100!

Leanne Lashley, founder of Miswits
TMBDL Prince’s Trust
Scholarship winner

Miranda invited me to meet HRH the Prince of Wales which highlights the networking opportunities offered via the foundation's mentoring programme. Thanks to their generous support, I am several steps closer to achieving my career goals.

Mobeen Salih
University Of Oxford, Chair Of African Caribbean Society and Scholarship Winner

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been a blessing. As a scholar, I’ve been able to attend the inaugural Diversity Leadership Lecture, [and used the funding awarded] to buy books for my degree and, above all, I’ve benefitted from the wonderful mentoring. Read more.

Ayomide Akin-Oteniya
Future Lawyer

The mentoring programme has been an invaluable source of knowledge and encouragement to me. It had such a huge impact on boosting my self-confidence as well as helping me to make stronger job applications. I have benefitted far more than I could have hoped for from mentoring.


Personal Assistant

The mentoring programme has given me the tools and the confidence that I needed. I highly recommend a session if you want to take or regain control of your career!


Trainee Accountant

The mentoring programme helped me get a job offer within 3 weeks after several months of rejection. This mentoring is a must for anyone who needs help with their career goals.



 Theresa May, 
Former UK Prime Minister

Your tireless commitment to increasing opportunities for future leaders from ethnic minority communities is changing lives.  The very practical support you are providing through your foundation is supporting young people to go as far as their talents will allow. 

 Lord Herman

The Foundation's mentoring students and up and coming talent is one of the most effective ways to learn with and from each other and build confidence needed to succeed.

The Rt Honorable
The Baroness Warsi

The Scholarship provides vital mentoring, work experience and funding to assist our future leaders, whilst the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Lectures provides an opportunity for the next generation to be more informed about diversity and play their part in closing the diversity gap.

Matthew Ryder QC, Former Deputy Mayor For Social Integration, Social Mobility And Community Engagement

Achieving more diversity amongst London’s workforce at all levels and across all sectors is one of the top priorities of both myself and the Mayor. The lecture at which the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarships will be awarded is a valuable contribution towards highlighting the importance of diversity - including, in particular, race diversity - within the UK workforce.

George Pippas
Former Mayor Of Cambridge

We are all important and we all have a role to play in our Country’s on-going success.

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