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The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has launched five years ago on 4th January 2016. To celebrate this wonderful milestone, TMBDLF has launched their five-year strategy to help "10,000 Young People"

During the past five years, TMBDLF has achieved a great deal where a few of their successes are:

  • Winning a few awards including one of the UK Prime Minister in 2016.

  • Made UK history in 2016 for being the first of its kind in terms of being a (i) diversity educational charity and (ii) launching the UK's first diversity leadership lecture.

  • Launched leading innovative scholarship programmes.  

  • Awarded over 200 educational scholarships across many different sectors.

  • Hosted annual lecture events on a global scale ranging from students to CEOs and board directors of FTSE100 companies.

  • Helped thousands of people from diverse backgrounds having a positive global impact.

  • Launched their first summer event in 2019 at the Speaker's House within the Palace of Westminster.  

  • Became a UK registered charity in November 2019. 

  • Launched the five-year strategy to help "10,000 Young People" and raise up to £1 million within the next five years. Read more about our strategy here.


A message from our Founder and CEO Dr Miranda Brawn 

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