Empowering and educating our future leaders with guidance and information with successful leaders

Our mentoring programme is a service where resources, education, experience and information are shared to speed up the success process for our future leaders including our next generation. ​

Our mentors and mentees can improve knowledge, skills and understanding exchange and reduce silo mentality. Our mentors can also benefit from reverse mentoring which can positively impact them by listening and learning from their mentee.


A few examples include becoming more sophisticated about technology, social media, driving culture change and promoting diversity.


All fees from this service are donated to the foundation to help increase diversity in the workplace. ​

Our mentoring programme supports students in the difficult transition from full-time student to employment. ​ 

Our mentors have included: 


  • CEO Aston Martin

  • Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

  • CEO of Chambers

  • Chair and senior partner of global law firm

  • NHS doctor

  • Fashion Professor from London College of Fashion

  • Photographer

  • Artist

  • Barrister QC

  • Solicitor in a top law firm

  • Scientist

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Politician

  • Managing Director at JPMorgan

  • Managing Director at UBS

  • CFO UBS 

  • Actress

  • Founder of the Charity 

  • NED and Board Director

  • Writer

  • Musician

  • Retail bank branch manager 

  • Engineer

  • EY Senior Partner

  • PWC Senior Partner

  • Senior Headhunter

  • University Professor

  • Teacher

  • Fashion Designer 

  • Fashtech Founder and CEO 

  • Fintech Founder

  • Hedge Fund Founder

  • Private Equity Senior Partner

  • Restaurant owner

  • Wealth Manager

  • Trader

  • Councillor

  • Pilot ...And much more...

Lord Herman Ouseley

The foundation's mentoring students and up and coming talented young and mature individuals is one of the most effective ways to learn with and from each other and build the confidence needed to succeed.

Ahmed, Trainee Accountant

The mentoring programme helped me get a job offer within 3 weeks after several months of rejection. This mentoring is a must for anyone who needs help with their career goals.

Yemi, Personal Assistant

The mentoring programme has given me the tools and the confidence that I needed. I highly recommend a session if you want to take or regain control of your career!

Ayomide Akin-oteniya, Future Lawyer

The mentoring programme has been an invaluable source of knowledge and encouragement to me. Had such a huge impact on boosting my self-confidence as well as helping me to make stronger job applications. I have benefitted far more than I could have hoped for from mentoring.

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