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The foundation awards annual diversity leadership scholarships to future diversity leaders. ​ Our education scholarships are available to full time students at an UK educational institution.

Application opening date: 1st March
​Application deadline date: 30th June at 5pm (GMT)

Please kindly note that we will not accept applications before or after the deadline dates. 

The scholarship winners will only be announced and awarded during The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Diversity Lecture event and/or via email or post thereafter. 
(We do not confirm receipt of the scholarship applications due to the excessive volume of applications. As per above, the winners will be notified on the day of the lecture event.)
Scholarships are available until September of the following year. ​
The Mentoring Programme commences in January of each year until September.
For applications and/or any queries, please get in touch at
Read the Terms of the Scholarship.

Winners of the 2019 Scholarship 

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Winners of the 2018 Scholarship 


Winners of the 2017 Scholarship 

image (15).png

Winners of the 2016 Scholarship 

Imani winner of the 2016 Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarships shares her experiences.

Winners of the 2016 Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarships shares her experiences.

Mobeen, Scholarship winner, shares his experience on The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation


Donating to our Scholarship Programmes and educational platforms are an investment in social justice, diversity, inclusion and equity.

This is one way to make a difference in developing thoughtful leaders in our community who can spur change in creating a better world for us all. We would strongly encourage you to support our future leaders by kindly donating towards our Charity’s work.

See How you can donate page for information or on to the donation button at the top of the page. All amounts are welcome.

"Miranda invited me to meet HRH the Prince of Wales which highlights the networking opportunities offered via the foundation's mentoring programme."

Leanne Lashley, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Prince’s Trust Scholarship


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  • Funding to pursue your own education and career ambitions.
    Please note that the funding is not to be used for funding another organisation and/or event. Funding will only be paid upon full completion of the scholarship programme in Q4.

  • Exclusive mentoring from leaders in their fields

  • Work experience (depending upon availability and COVID).

  • Reverse mentoring

  • Networking

  • VIP attendance to our educational diversity leadership lecture event(s)

​Apart from the scholarship funding, please note that the Charity does not offer grants or payment of school or university tuition fees directly. You may use the scholarship funding for this. Read the Terms of the Scholarship.


Scholarships are available across many fields of study and sectors.
This relates to your future career aspirations. The scholarship programme categories are currently as per below:

  • Law, sponsored by Hogan Lovells 

  • Finance & business

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

  • Medical (supporting Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust)

  • Multi-sector (for all other industries) - Scholarship applicants can place their preferred sector(s) not listed under the multi-sector scholarship

  • Black Women on Boards (for all industries and supports black and mixed-race female student leaders with Black African, the Caribbean and other black heritage aiming for the boardroom membership)

  • Charity (for those with an interest for working in the Third Sector)

  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) 

  • Disability and Neurodiversity, sponsored by Reed Smith (this includes part-time students specifically for this scholarship who are unable to study full-time due to their disability)

  • Global Gender Human Rights (for future human rights leaders with an interest in eliminating gender discrimination in the UK and globally)

In previous years, we have launched other innovative scholarships such as the below which is no longer available but provides you with an idea of what we have awarded in the past:

  • Women’s empowerment scholarship (for our gender diversity student leaders of all races and backgrounds)

  • Social mobility scholarship (for students of all ethnicities including the white working-class, Roma and travellers) 

  • Age diversity scholarship (for mature students)

  • Black Leadership Scholarship (for black student leaders)

  • LGBTQ+ (for all races and social backgrounds)

  • From Care (foster and government care systems)

  • Automotive (for women)

Note: Any rude and uncooperative attitudes will result in the scholarship award and mentoring being withdrawn immediately. Respect is paramount.

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been a blessing.

Mobeen Salih, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winner


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​To be eligible for the scholarship programme, the students must meet all the conditions below: ​

  • Applicants must meet all the entry requirements for their full-time course

  • Scholarships are only available for new students. Previous scholarship winners are not eligible to apply

  • Applicants must enrol as full-time students in the UK. Part-time students are not eligible to apply

  • Have good academics and/or aspirations to achieve good academics

  • Be able to commit the time and effort to complete the scholarship programme

  • All scholarship applicants must have a demonstrable and genuine interest in diversity. ​

​There is no restriction on the nationality of the students. Students from all races (black, white and asian) and social backgrounds are welcome. However, applicants must meet all the entry requirements for the scholarship program. ​


Scholarships are available for full-time studies ranging from GCSE to doctorate levels. ​

"To anyone thinking of applying, this is a priceless opportunity."

Imani Jeffers, the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winner


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The judges are leaders at the top of their profession across a range of industries. They are passionate about increasing diversity and supporting our charity to sustain the future growth of diversity leaders. ​The scholarship application including references will be considered by the expert judging panel. ​


The mentoring programme commences in January of each year. ​ Important notes: ​

  • This scholarship cannot be deferred

  • Students cannot change to part-time and continue with the scholarship programme

  • Scholarships will not continue if the students are not committed to the scholarship programme in terms of time and effort. ​


All queries should be sent to Prior to sending your email, please can you kindly re-read this page again to ensure that the answer to your query has not already been stated here. ​


The winners of the scholarship award will only be announced at The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture.​ ​ ​

TMBDLF shares a drive to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. We believe passionately that background should not be a barrier, and that anyone with the motivation should have the opportunity to pursue a career in their chosen industry.


This is why we have provided thousands of pounds worth of education scholarships to young people of diverse backgrounds who want to excel with their education and career while helping to create a diverse and fair world in and out of the workplace. 

What are we looking for in a scholarship winner?

The scholarship recipients must have curiosity, passion, and drive, the genuine desire to improve diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in and out of the workplace in order to have a positive impact on the world.

What is the application process like?

Applying is free and takes on average 20 minutes by following our application process guidelines. [Include link to the page]

What are the deadlines?

All applicants should submit their application before 30th June. Winners will be notified in October during our annual lecture event and if selected, your programme will begin by January. 


What is the email address if I have a question or query?

First, please read the scholarship website pages again and check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to make sure that the answer to your question is not already on our website.

Secondly, if you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, you can email the TMBDLF team directly at We will respond to your question as soon as possible. 

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Please read this webpage carefully and ensure that you fully understand the conditions of the scholarship you have applied for.

Thank you for your interest in the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship. To be considered for this scholarship, please complete the application process and note the below:

In submitting this application, I acknowledge that:

I have read and understood the eligibility criteria I must satisfy to qualify for consideration by the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation ("Charity") for the award of this scholarship;

As of this date, the information provided is, to the best of my knowledge, both accurate and complete;

I understand that should the information provided:
i) indicate that I am ineligible to be considered for award of this Scholarship;

ii) be incomplete to the extent that it is inadequate to prove eligibility to be considered for award of this Scholarship; or

iii) on further investigation by the Charity, proves to be inaccurate or misleading; 

I understand that the Charity reserves the right to reject this scholarship application without further consideration/explanation.


The Charity has sole discretion in awarding this scholarship and the Charity reserves the right not to award this scholarship and/or to withdraw this scholarship for any reason at any time prior to award of this scholarship; or following the award of this scholarship, for any non-compliance by the successful applicant.


This includes displaying any form of rude, disrespectful, and uncooperative attitudes. Respect, etiquette, and manners are key to be part of our Foundation family.

I understand that the Charity does not offer grants or payment of school or university tuition fees directly to the school and/or university. The scholarship funding amount can be used to pay for school or university tuition fees. The Charity does give money outside of the Scholarship award. 
Terms of th Scholarship.

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winners 2016 to Now