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Every contribution goes toward making our world a better place, so if you are looking to contribute a donation and/or your time, please get in touch today. Making a positive difference in the world has never been so easy.

Since the inception of our charity (Registration Number: 1186528) we have been working to help those who need our help while educating and closing the diversity gap.

Every contribution goes towards making our world a better place. To donate please use your card or PayPal account details by clicking on the yellow button below or our  Charity's bank account details for a direct bank transfer.

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“Educating Next Gen” Campaign


The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation is proud to announce that we are launching our first-ever Fundraising Campaign called "Educating Next Gen". This is to support diverse students from all educational institutions based in England and Wales, to assist with their potential to achieve educational and career success.

This will enable us to increase the number of young leaders that we currently support through education, scholarships, diversity leadership lecture events, workshops, and mentoring. This will help to create a more diverse and successful workforce in the years to come, while meeting the organisation's goals from a financial and ethical perspective.

Our "Educating Next Gen" Campaign is raising money to increase the number of young people from under-resourced and under-represented communities.  The campaign will help through its work including education via interactive skill-based workshops.

The first MBDLF annual lecture event made UK history. It includes panel discussions, keynote talks, speed mentoring, networking, and our innovative tailored Scholarship Programme, which led the way, by moving away from just the standard funding awards.

The Foundation is aiming to increase the number of students that we engage, alongside the number of scholarships and its funding amount provided to date, to help young people pursue their academic and career ambitions, taking the total number from 50 to 100's of scholarships. We have helped thousands of young people and want this number to multiply as part of this campaign.

The COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd's murder have highlighted the importance of the Black Lives Movement, by encouraging conversations and action about race, equality and the distribution of wealth and opportunity in the workplace and beyond. The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been working to change these issues since its inception and several decades prior. Our work is needed more than ever, to support our future leaders today. 

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Programme was created in 2016. It provides funding, tailored mentoring and work experience, educational resources and support, to develop important skills required in the 21st-century workplace. This is for our young future diverse leaders, who would otherwise not be able to achieve their ambitions or potential through Further or Higher Education. In 2020, the Foundation has provided Scholarships to 50 young people who have studied at 50 academic institutions in the UK, such as the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Kent through to state schools like the Walthamstow School for Girls. We have also launched a Black Leadership scholarship for our black student leaders.

Our innovative concept has a strong focus on intersectionality which appeals to our diverse Foundation Family. This consists of next-generation diversity leaders, their parents and current leaders in the workplace who wish to learn more about diversity, and how they can make an impact by implementing our key tips in their schools, universities, and workplaces. The aim is to enable progression within their studies and careers, while making a difference to actively close the workplace diversity gap.

Our work is helping to build understanding and communication which leads to open and honest learning and discovery for our future and current leaders, to love each other in unity; learn how to face adversity, and build leadership skills to usher in a new era of systemic change.

Our diversity leadership lecture events are not just focused on one diversity strand. We incorporate all diversity strands such as gender, race, LGBTQ+, disability, religion, faith, social mobility etc. We involve multiple industries and sectors such as finance, business, law, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, politics, fashion, media, entrepreneurship and much more. We are continuously looking for ways to continue to lead in an innovative way.  

This is a great opportunity to do your utmost to reach more young people with the unrealised potential, to make significant and valuable contributions to our communities, to our society and to our economy.

Now is the time to change the talk and turn it into demonstrable action, together we can change the world with your help.

Your donation is an investment in social justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity. This is one way to make a difference in developing thoughtful leaders in our community who can spur change in creating a better world for us all. Your donation will go towards empowering young leaders by giving them access to education and training. 

We would welcome your kind individual and/or company's support and donation. All amounts are welcome, and no amount is too small for financial donations. You have the opportunity to set up an automated monthly donation, to invest in our next generation by helping us with our charity's work. A regular donation will help us in achieving our long-term vision.

Please feel free to forward this to someone (for example family members, friends, colleagues, organisations and/or members of the public etc.) who would like to be part of our Foundation Family and help us with our mission. 

Thank you for your kind support and do not forget to subscribe to our email list so that you can stay updated with our progress and receive invitations to our innovative events with high profile leaders. 

Remember, by supporting The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation today, you are helping to inspire our diverse future leaders and creating a better tomorrow.

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