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You can join our Foundation family by volunteering in many ways such as:

1. Mentor

You can become a mentor for future diversity leaders across a range of sectors and industries. 
Our mentors and mentees can improve knowledge, skills and understanding exchange and reduce silo mentality. Our mentors can also benefit from reverse mentoring which can positively impact them by listening and learning from their mentee. A few examples include becoming more sophisticated about technology, social media, driving culture change and promoting diversity.

2. Join our Board of Trustees

Help to steer the strategic direction and operational management of the Charity. With our Board of Trustees, we welcome leaders who can help us with the following:

  • Treasurer - manage the financial aspect of the Charity

  • Secretary - take minutes during our Board meeting etc and manage the day to day operational part of our Charity

  • Fundraiser(s) - help to raise funds from a range of sources to meet our financial objectives 

  • ESG Expert - help the Board to meet our ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) strategic obligations

3. Other volunteers include
  • Event managers - help to manage, organise and assist on the day of our events to form our event committee.

  • Social Media managers - help to manage our social media platforms - Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc

  • Website manager - help to manage our website and utilise graphic design skills as and when required

  • PR - help to raise the profile of the Charity and our much-needed work

  • Accounts - help to regularly track our finances and donations as preparation work for our Treasurer

  • Ambassadors - University and Organisational ambassadors of all ages to represent our Charity within your community by spreading our word and helping us with our work.

4. Become a speaker

Keynote(s) / panellist (s) for our diversity leadership events throughout the year.

5. Become a Partner

Do you think your institution or organisation could help us to change the world? Connect with us with you are a corporate organisation, school, college, university, charity, non-profit, government and media etc.

Our success has been achieved by working on our own in some cases and also by partnering with leading individuals and organisations from the private and public sectors including schools, universities, community groups and other charities to help increase diversity, inclusion and equality while educating, empowering and inspiring our future leaders. We truly believe that together we can change the world. 

Below is an example of some of our partners (past and current):

  • The University of Law

  • Hogan Lovells

  • The Prince's Trust

  • Cancer Research UK

  • Lambeth Council

  • UBS

  • Patchwork Foundation

  • Palmer Foundation

  • White and Case

  • BBC

  • London Live

  • Walthamstow School for Girls

  • Dormer Wells High School

  • Sir George Monoux College

  • Holy Family College

  • Trinity Catholic High School

  • Brighton University 

  • Kent University African and Caribbean Network

  • Oxford University African and Caribbean Network

  • Oxford University Women's Network

  • Oxford University's Bar Society Network

  • Cambridge University African and Caribbean Network

  • King's University of African and Caribbean Network

  • The Voice

  • Brixton Blog

  • Empower

  • Oracle

  • Harper Collins

  • TEDx Modena

  • House of Commons

  • Color In Tech

  • Hardwicke Chambers

  • City of London Corporation

  • INvolve

  • Aston Martin

  • Jimmy Choo

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