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Master's degree student
at University of Oxford 
Mentoring Only Scholarship
Winner 2020/21

The session was thoroughly empowering and beyond anything I imagined was possible within a 60-minute session - thank you!
When I received the news that I was chosen to have my mentoring session with Dr Miranda, I knew I was one of the very lucky individuals chosen for this and had to make the most of the mentoring session. As soon as Dr Miranda introduced herself, I felt very comfortable talking to her and sharing my career goals with her.

The conversation was extremely empowering and confidence-boosting, with Dr Miranda using terms like "leader" to demonstrate my achievements.

Dr Miranda highlighted key aspects of my CV, including my previous studies and employment experiences, discussing where my skills and expertise lie. She was interested in finding out my motivations behind my employment and voluntary positions, whilst also encouraging and helping me envision a plan for my future ventures.

Dr Miranda offered tailored advice and guidance, which demonstrates the fact that she gets to know the mentee as an individual and puts a lot of effort into planning the mentoring session.

In addition, Dr Miranda discussed some of her own fantastic achievements to motivate and
allow me to realise the power of networking.

Moreover, Dr Miranda shared information about some really fantastic and interesting projects that she is currently working on, that lie directly with my experience, expertise, and future plans. I genuinely cannot thank Dr Miranda and the team at TMBDLF for giving me the opportunity to converse with and learn from Dr Miranda. I

look forward to working with you all at some point in the near future, and urge every young person to apply to the Foundation - it really is worth every moment!

London Live TV with Dr Miranda Brawn on The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture 2018

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